Mar 07

5 Weight Loss Tips Before Daylight Savings Time Begins!

Prepare Now for the Spring Forward Tonight: Easy Tips for Feeling Better and to Help Your Weight Loss

Weight loss fitness woman jumping

Tonight, much of the U.S. will “spring forward” when Daylight Savings Time begins, technically at 2:00 a.m. Sunday morning. But how can you get ready, and how might losing that hour of sleep affect weight loss if you are not prepared?

Tip #1: Go to bed a little early tonight. Ideally, you should gradually go to bed a little earlier each day for a few days before the time change; but, it’s not too late to get a jump on springing forward! Rather than have a whole hour
taken from you Sunday morning, get to bed 30 minutes earlier tonight–or earlier if you can–so that you’ll be at least halfway there.

Tip #2: Take a short early Sunday afternoon nap. This will make up for that lost time, and you’ll feel more rested the next day.

Tip #3: Get 30 minutes of light exercise during the day. Even taking care of that chore you’ve been putting off–as long as it involves a little physical activity–may help improve your sleep.

Tip #4: Easy on the caffeine! Coffee, tea, chocolate and many soft drinks contain caffeine, so cut it off 4-6 hours before bed. Even some pain relievers have caffeine, so try either a non-caffeinated pain reliever instead. Better
yet, try getting natural, synerigistic relief from discomfort due to an active lifestyle with this Fast Relief Combo Pack.

Tip #5: Eat lightly tonight. Nighttime is not a good time for anyone to eat, but if you desire, avoid fattening foods that cause weight gain and foods that are hard to digest that could keep you from getting a good night’s sleep. If you eat carbs, try blocking some of the conversion of those carbs to glucose with Plexus Block. Whenever you intake carbohydrates, they are far too quickly converted to glucose in our bodies. Block will help keep that big evening meal from winding up on your body as fat!

As well as the advantage of being better prepared for Daylight Saving Time, the additional sleep can actually help you with your weight loss goals. How? There’s actually scientific evidence that lack of sleep can cause people to gain weight for various reasons. For one thing, a tired brain increases one’s desire for foods that are high in carbs. These carbs turn into blood sugar, which the body naturally stores as fat. Another study shows that getting less than the average amount of sleep (7-9 hours) impacts hormones that control feelings of hunger and fullness. The hormone ghrelin, tells the brain that you need to eat, less sleep causes an increase in this hormone leading you to the fridge–and possible weight gain. Leptin is another hormone with the opposite effect, and lack of sleep causes a decrease in leptin levels leading to–you guessed it–eating more. It’s also noteworthy that lack of sleep increases the “stress hormone” cortisol, which has the purpose of saving your “fuel” (calories)–in fat–as a means of energy storage to help you the next day. The trouble is, you aren’t necessarily preparing for a stressful fight the next day, so all that happens is you store the calories as fat and the pounds stay on you! One controlled study, in which subjects reduced their sleep time for a period of 2 weeks, found that they burned less fat, 55% less, than they did with their regular amount of sleep. This is because their insulin-processing ability decreased. Insulin also
converts sugars and starches into energy, but lack of sleep wears on its effectiveness, again causing the blood sugar to convert to fat.

With this in mind, it’s no wonder why sleep–like drinking water–is such an important yet basic need. Don’t neglect your body this weekend due to the lost hour. Keep on losing weight and feeling healthier by tending to your basic needs!

May 31

Plexus Pre-launch Product THBV2 named Plexus Boost!

The Plexus pre-launch product THBV2 has been named Plexus Boost! The link to order may not be available to customers on the home site, but I’ve found it through some searching for you to order here on my website On the order page, Plexus talks about some of the ingredients I referenced in my previous blog, like Caralluma Fimbriata, Yerba Mate and Lotus Seed Extract. Plexus has added another product with clinically proven ingredients! Ingredients that have shown to suppress appetite, reduce body weight and increase energy!

Further, Plexus will offer this as a new combo with Plexus Slim! The Plexus Slim and Boost combo kit!

Plexus Slim and Boost Combo Kit

Plexus Slim and Boost Combo Kit

THBV2 is now called Boost!

THBV2 is now called Boost!

Like I said in my previous blog with the list of Boosts ingredients, this may be for you if you didn’t like the new Accelerator+. In my backoffice it notes that “The new Accelerator+ has a different feel than the old Accelerator because it does not contain GeranaX. The FDA asked for voluntary removal of the ingredient from all companies and because Plexus adheres to federal regulations, guidelines, and recommendations- we proactively removed the ingredient and reformulated the product“.

While the first (and older) Accelerator didn’t have harmful ingredients, it made some people uncomfortable. Plexus acted on that quickly. Afterwards, some started to complain about Accelerator+ and I would even see posts on Facebook asking for Plexus Worldwide to bring the old Accelerator back! If you were one of them, this new product by Plexus may be for you! It contains Caralluma Fimbriata, Yerba Mate extract, Peel from the Lotus Seed and Green tea extract. All of which are natural ingredients. The capsules are made of NuFLOW. If you don’t like this or don’t want to take this, simply open the capsule and pour the contents in your Plexus Slim or other drink.

It’s best to take Plexus Boost in the morning with your Plexus Slim, because it helps to give you energy! Why get energy before bed? Remember to start with one and see how it makes you feel. One maybe good enough for you, then you can take your second for lunch. Or if you’re like me, you can wake up and take 2 in the morning!

I’m not sure when the Plexus Slim / Boost combo kit will be available for customers to order, but for just Boost, you can try the order link above. You can definitely still order Plexus Slim separately. Just get with your Ambassador (like ME) or you can still join Plexus and become an Ambassador!

This is a once in lifetime opportunity! Those are just statistics! What are you waiting for? Get in while there’s still time! Plexus is a stable rock-solid company that’s on the ground floor, but it won’t be ground floor for long. When I went to the convention last year there were about 3500 Ambassadors, this year there are about 10’000! Plexus is growing without you. We’re going to the top! Soon to be a billion dollar company! It took Avon 86 years to become a billion dollar company, Mary Kay took 33 years, Plexus has been established for 6 years and it’s projected to be a billion dollar company within the next year. You can read more about Plexus on my website under Join Plexus.

With the launch of Plexus Boost, I think Plexus will explode!! Don’t be there waiting and watching like you have been. Join our success, and become an Ambassador! I help all of my Ambassadors who join Plexus under me. Did you know that it’s only $34.95? Click on my link to join and look at the welcome packs. These are great prices for products you’re already ordering! Why not get paid to lose the weight?

Plexus will announce tomorrow the details on Leader’s Retreat. I’m very excited to hear this! I went last year to the Plexus Leader’s Retreat. You can read about it and view my pictures on this Plexus blog. That’s just another amazing thing about being a Plexus Slim Ambassador.

If you’re absolutely against the idea of running a Plexus business and making money, then consider saving money! Order as preferred customer and save 10% on your very first order! I tell all of the details on my website on the page about ordering Plexus as a preferred customer. Learn everything there!

In the meantime, I hope I’ve answered all of your questions about the Plexus pre-launch product named Plexus Boost. If not, message me! Here’s where you can find me!

Plexus Slim website
Plexus Slim Facebook
Plexus Slim Pinterest
Plexus Slim twitter
Plexus Slim Google+

Thank you for reading,
Kelly Cavanaugh #109237
Independent Ambassador

New Product by Plexus, Boost.

New Product by Plexus, Boost.



May 21

Plexus Pre-Launch Product THBV2, Proprietary Ingredients

Plexus Worldwide released a new Plexus product that I’ve been taking along with Plexus Slim! It doesn’t have a name yet; only known as THBV2 Pre-launch product. This pre-launch product is causing fast weight loss, boosting metabolism, suppressing the appetites, and increasing energy of the Ambassadors who tested it and have ordered it. Plexus’s pre-launch product is ONLY available to Ambassadors until around June 29th. Then, customers may start ordering it. Until then, if you want to start experiencing the effects of this product which is known to increase energy, and more, you’ll have to sign up as an Ambassador. The cost is $34.95 then you pick your products, a very low cost to begin a business, especially one that you can make so much money with!

I have lost 5 pounds in the less than 3 weeks that I have been taking the pre-launch product. I really wasn’t expecting to lose weight being that I weighed 120 pounds! I’ve also found that I get fuller faster and I don’t get as hungry as often. I have a breakfast, I try to pack it with protein, then I drink a lot of fluids and I found that I don’t get hungry with this pre-launch product until very late in the day, however, I know from experience that it’s very important to snack to avoid overeating at a meal. Light snacks – nothing fattening. I’ll eat something for dinner and get full very quickly! I like this because I’m a very picky eater and usually find a hard time deciding what I’m going to eat. I don’t like spending much of a fuss over what I’m going to eat and I dread getting hungry, so this pre-launch product by Plexus really suits me fine! It will suit anyone trying to lose pounds or inches just fine! It will help people who have weight loss goals and many more. What do I mean?

I went to a Plexus meeting with Diamond Ambassador Leslie Kyle, and Emerald Ambassador Francine Chouest hosting. I learned so much about this pre-launch product there, and I will share everything with you! Firstly, I’m very glad to have attended, and the 2 Ambassadors were very charming. This was my first time meeting Leslie, and she was very pretty and classy. I hadn’t officially met Francine before, but had attended her meetings with Emerald Ambassador, Rachel Barrow before, and she was just as on point with her training as ever! I was able to snap a picture with both ladies, like I like to do, as we discussed more about the pre-launch product.

Francine Chouest, Kelly Cavanaugh, & Leslie Kyle. Plexus Ambassadors

Francine Chouest, Kelly Cavanaugh, & Leslie Kyle. Plexus Ambassadors

I was able to take notes from Francine’s training, and the pre-launch product has a proprietary blend of ingredients that are known for a lot of good things, in my opinion. I’ve made a list of all the proprietary ingredients in THBV2 and the potential benefits from each one:

* Caralluma Fimbriata
+ hunger control
+ increases energy, endurance and stamina
* Citrus Reticulata
+ used to treat abdominal distention
+ enhances digestion
+ decreases mucus (people with asthma or allergies)

* Peel from the lotus seed
+ helps with anti-aging both with the skin and internally. It increases the elasticity of the skin and helps your internal organs do some rejuvenation.
+ repairs gums (people with gingivitis)
+ helps kidney function
+ helps with ED. Some medications, such as blood pressure medication cause that.
+ helps with sleep disorders
+ has a calming effect
+ has a cooling property (people with hot flashes)
+ helps control blood pressure

Plexus Pre-Launch Proprietary Ingredients

Plexus Pre-Launch Proprietary Ingredients

* Yerba Mate extract
+ boosts your immune system
+ relieves allergies (people with asthma)
+ reduces risk of diabetes and hypoglycemia
+ burns calories
+ appetite suppressant
+ is a weight loss tool
+ increases nutrition to the heart through increased oxygen (and cancer cannot live in an oxygenated body)
+ increases mental energy and oxygen
+ improves mood
+ promotes deeper sleep

* Green tea extract
+ aids in weight loss
+ treats stomach disorders
+ helps headaches (allows blood vessels to dilate more)
+ helps with osteoporosis
+ helps solid tumors by holding their growth where it is
+ great for Crohn’s disease and Parkinson’s disease
+ helps chronic fatigue
+ helps kidney stones
+ has about 2-4% natural caffeine
+ increases alertness
+ increases urine output

+ just the product that the capsule is made from


It looks like our new Plexus product is made from an amazing blend of ingredients!

Some people are even comparing this to the old Accelerator before it was changed, or reformulated to Accelerator+, but with no crash in the afternoon. This may be a product for you if you’ve felt that Accelerator+ caused weight gain or didn’t work for you. You should stop taking Accelerator+ with this new pre-launch product. Do not take them both at the same time, but you do not need to take a break between the two. Start with just one pre-launch capsule in the morning and then maybe another one in the afternoon, then you can try 2 in the morning. Play around with it and see which works best for you. Much like Accelerator+, you want to have a bite to eat in your stomach, whether it’s a cracker or piece of bread. Just a little something. If you can’t wait the 5 weeks until this product comes out so you can try to start losing too, just join Plexus and become an Ambassador!!  If you have any questions or testimonials about the pre-launch product, THBV2, leave them below!


Kelly Cavanaugh
Independent Ambassador #109237
Find me here:
Plexus Slim Facebook
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Mar 19

Plexus Worldwide Opportunity Calls, Hotline, & Success Guide

I was recently at a Plexus Slim opportunity meeting in Hammond, LA with some fellow Plexus Slim Ambassadors. I gathered with them to try to learn even more

Sara J Marble Kelly Cavanaugh, Plexus Slim Ambassadors

Sara J Marble & Kelly Cavanaugh, Plexus Slim Ambassadors

about the Plexus products and opportunity. There were some new Ambassadors there, as well. Diamond Ambassador Sara J Marble was leading the meeting and talked about the value of our Success Guide, a book that you receive in your starter kit. Sara, along with members of her downline, are having a Facebook event to inspire Plexus Ambassadors to advance in rank by using the Success Guide the way Plexus Worldwide intended; duplication. As I’ve said before, Plexus teaches how to be a leader. Plexus Worldwide gives you the tools you need to be successful for your job. No need to be nervous or think you can’t do it.
The Success Guide opens with Plexus CEO, Tarl Robinson giving a big welcome and encouraging new Ambassadors to follow the steps outlined in the book, work with their upline, and to follow their dreams. The second page is Plexus Corporate information, such as the customer service phone number, address and fax. Plexus also has a weekly call for anyone to tune into. Ambassadors are encouraged to invite their guests, family and friends. It consists of an overview of the Plexus products, two health testimonials, and one business testimonial. I listen to that call as well as several calls of my upline Ambassadors. The Plexus Worldwide call is every Wednesday night at 6pm pst/9pm est. The phone number is 218.862.7200. Access code 610844. I invite the readers of this blog to be my guest! :) Here is a cute picture to keep with you to remember it, made by my dear friend, Sr. Ruby Ambassador Deborah Deskin Stolar, who I admin the Plexus Ads & Graphics group with on Facebook.

cell phone

Every Wednesday night with Plexus Worldwide.

The call is hosted by Marketing and Communications Manager Chris Pike, and Diamond Ambassador Sheila Medina. Sheila tells everyone about each product, such as what the products do, or how they can help, then two testimonials from Ambassadors whose health has been positively impacted by the Plexus products, and finally an Ambassador with a financial success story. It’s a 20 minute call and it could change your life! If you’re begging for more, Plexus has another phone number available. It’s the Plexus Hotline: 512.505.6887. The Success Guide says, “To hear Plexus product & business success stories select option 1. For more information regarding the Plexus Business Opportunity select option 2.“, but I found that option 1 talks about health testimonials, in general, and option 2 is Plexus International President Alfred Pettersen talking mostly about the Plexus opportunity. I love hearing it. :)
You can own your business for $34.95 with Plexus, and start from there. It’s what so many have done. We have another Diamond Ambassador who was literally going from credit card to credit card when her dad loaned her the money to start with Plexus. She was living off of credit cards! Plexus can turn your life around like that, for just $34.95. We get paid great from the start! Plexus Worldwide splits the profit with Ambassadors down the middle. You get bonuses, points, and commission. Oh, and a car if you advance your way there. I’ve been lucky enough to earn a trip to Plexus Leader’s Retreat. Would you like to know the secret?

Working hard as a Plexus Slim Ambassador.

Working hard as a Plexus Slim Ambassador.

Talk about the products and your business where ever you go! When people are interested, (and they will be) send them to your Plexus website (that’s why you’re paying $34.95) and Plexus Worldwide will ship your customers products to them! That’s all you have to do! You are the company’s advertising! You’re getting paid (and well) to talk about the products. That’s my theory. Everybody loves to hear about the Plexus products, too. What they can do, and what they have done for people. We are a company that shares stories – we call them testimonials – and people love to hear them because they’re amazing, because our products are amazing. Some people have questions about the products. I happen to love to research about the products. This is the Plexus Slim questions and answers blog! Everyone emails me with their questions instead of commenting here, lol, but, I think it’s be better to comment on this Plexus Slim blog and let everyone learn from each other! If you’re ready to join Plexus just go straight to my website and join me! Like I’ve said, I can teach you about network marketing. Maybe I already have a little. Plexus will undoubtedly play a major role in this, as well. The first step is getting your Success Guide in with your Starter Kit. You receive your starter kit by joining Plexus. You can do that here. This Success Guide will aid you in identifying your “why”. That is, what inspires you each day? Being an Ambassador with Plexus and taking Plexus products will definitely give you new inspirations, dreams and goals. Try it out for only $34.95 and you’ll see!! ;)

Mar 19

How Do I Get More Energy in the Afternoon?

How do I get more energy in the afternoon? I find that there are better ways of getting more energy than eating. Yes, lunch is important to eat, but overeating can happen. I try to eat a light lunch with low carbs and fat. Then, I take one of my two daily Accelerator+ capsules. Plexus Slim Accelerator+ comes in a 30-day supply bottle consisting of 60 capsules, and can either be taken both in the morning with your Slim or one in the morning with Slim and one in the noon hour with lunch. Depending on what my plans are for the day, I do one or the other. My advice is to decide if you need that extra perk in the afternoon or if you need a bigger boost to start the day. Either way it is best to take it before 2 o’clock as taking it later may make you have a harder time going to sleep at night.

Plexus Slim Accelerator+

Plexus Slim Accelerator+ will unleash the energy inside you!

The new formula has no added caffeine so that’s a plus (pun intended). Not only that, but it contains extra fat-burning ingredients that work along with Plexus Slim to help me in my continuing journey to be healthy and lose pounds and inches! A complement of B vitamins and calcium supplements my nutrition, which is admittedly not always perfect in my fast-paced (and fun) life! :)

Plexus Slim and Accelerator+ come in a packaged deal that saves money, and by ordering as a Preferred Customer, you can save even more and not worry about forgetting to reorder. You save 10% which basically negates shipping and tax, and after 3 months of enjoying them you get wholesale pricing! In case you’re worried about any commitment; there is none. You can cancel auto shipment after you receive your shipment anytime, just call customer service and they’ll be glad to take care of you. But give it at least a couple of weeks to try it, and I know you’ll love the increased energy from the Accelerator+ like many friends and I have. As for weight loss and fat loss (loss of inches), everybody’s different. Some see results after less than a week while others see amazing results after a month! Contact us for any questions. Kelly has researched Plexus Slim and all our products thoroughly and we’ve had good (even amazing) results in the 1.5 years of using them. Count on me, Charles, or Kelly to help you get the most out of your Plexus.


Dr. Charles Cavanaugh, Ph.D.

Mar 11

Local Plexus Slim? Read why your local Plexus Rep may not be best.

You’re just as convinced that Plexus Slim is the greatest

Get paid to post with Plexus Worldwide and Kelly Cavanaugh!

Get paid to post with Plexus Worldwide!

weight loss drink in the world as I am. You and I both know
this, but consider the possible other scenarios.. Maybe you’re a stay at home mom like I was, or maybe
you’re a mom with 3 jobs. You have the greatest personality and meet people wherever you go, or maybe
you’re shy, and don’t think you can sell anything. You don’t have to know how to sell with
Network Marketing! When we like something, we tell our friends! We post it on Facebook, don’t we? You can
really get paid to do that! I do! I can help you through your journey with the Plexus products, and teach you how to understand the Plexus Compensation Plan Summary Chart. Like I’ve said before, if you can manage a family, you can manage a Plexus business. ;)

Lots of people turn to there local Ambassador to join Plexus. Consider this: How well does your local Ambassador know the products and/or the business aspect? Are you doing a disservice to yourself by not “shopping” for an Ambassador to join with? An upline is a vital part of your success in this business. I get emails from people who have been dumped by their upline after joining, and also emails from people seeking my knowledge of the products because their local Ambassador isn’t working the business like I do.

Join Plexus

Join Plexus for $34.95

I work this full time! I surpassed my then-husband’s Ph.D. income within 4 months of joining Plexus and I can show anyone exactly how I did it. Network Marketing is all about duplication of ones self. Is your local Ambassador somewhere you want to be in this business? Does she know the product line? If you have specific questions, is she helpful? How committed is your local plexus rep to the product line, and to the business? Is she in several Direct Sales Companies? Does she change these companies often? How long has she been with Plexus as an Ambassador? I sometimes get calls from people who can’t find their former rep! I’ve been an Ambassador for almost 2 years. I’ve heard from lots of disappointed customers and Ambassadors, who have bought or signed up local just because it was local. Research first! I still research my products and post to my team in our secret Facebook group, almost daily. I have lots of Plexus advertising tips in the group for all members of my team who are in there. I welcome everyone when they first sign up with me. If not, I can work with anyone on a personal one-on-one basis. I’m happy to adjust to meet people in the middle! :) I love to train and teach.

Who dares to teach must never cease to learn.

Who dares to teach must never cease to learn.

My only focus is my team and Plexus. I am not into any other business. I use the products daily — I live Plexus daily! Plexus is really a big part of my life. Not sure if I come across that away on this blog. :P Think about it! There’s no reason not to join! Plexus provides the wonderful products that work! No shipping and no inventory! I owned a business before Plexus and used to break my back shipping all of the products every day! >;( To me, this was time consuming, and a big headache. With Plexus, you just have the customer go to your Plexus website.

Start a Network Marketing Business

Start a Network Marketing Business

If you want to sell products in person, that is up to you! :) Also, you’d be amazed at how little time Plexus takes to work as a business. Like the International President, Alfred Petterson says, “You can work your Plexus business part of the time, but not some of the time.”. You spend more time than you realize on the computer on Facebook, I’ll bet! This way, you’re getting paid! I’ll show you how! Do you tweet on Twitter? A lot of people come to me, not knowing how to do this, join Plexus with me, and I will be more than happy to teach you! It will be my JOB to teach you! I take my job very seriously. ;)

You can find me on Google+, Youtube, LinkedIn, any social network! I just talk about Plexus, and I get paid. I’ve lost weight, too. 40 pounds with Plexus Slim and Accelerator. I know a lot about losing weight, business, advertising, websites, writing, leadership and entrepreneurship.

What will you do with your Tax Refund?

What are you doing with your Tax Refund?

A ha! Now what’s stopping you? The only thing that can be stopping you is fear of failure. That’s fear that the products won’t be a success or that you won’t. I can tell you that the products work, they have proven ingredients that I can teach you all about! Plexus has more than a 93% chance of working! Who else has that? :P As for you not being a success.. you don’t know how yet. Plexus does. Plexus has duplicatable tools. (I know, that’s not a word. ;) It is in this business) Plexus Worldwide gives us tools to duplicate the successful people in this business. It’s very simple. I will show you how. If you are interested in Joining Plexus as an Ambassador, do so with me, and I will show you, teach you, and help you! My promise! Let’s do this! I’m eager to get started! :)

Thank you for reading another one of my blogs,
Kelly Cavanaugh
Ambassador #109237

There are many benefits to buying Plexus Online, too! Have you heard of Preferred customers? They save 10% off of their first order plus more! I recommend ordering preferred! That’s below Retail price! Pick the products you want and have them delivered to your door each month! Easy way to cancel! Just call Plexus! They’re very friendly and no hassle! No contract to stay a preferred customer either. See all of the details on my website. Don’t settle for local when you don’t have to! There are great Plexus Slim reps who are local! Just look at Lafayette, LA! :D Tee-hee! Just a joke! There really are, but that doesn’t mean you have to settle. Find the upline or Ambassador who knows the products, and the business! ;)

Feb 13

Plexus Weight Loss Company, Plexus Worldwide, Tours Again! Your Opportunity?

Plexus Slim is back! No, I don’t mean the weight loss drink. I mean the company, Plexus Worldwide! Plexus Worldwide announced earlier that they will be doing the Plexus Opportunity of a Lifetime Tour again this year! They will be back touring the states again! I immediately thought, “I haven’t even posted my pictures from last year!”. So, I will post a few now. I was able to make 4 of the events last year in 2013. I know, so far, that I will be able to go to Houston, on March 12th, 2014. Here is the schedule that Plexus released earlier yesterday:

picture listing plexus events

Plexus Opportunity of a Lifetime Tour 2014

Last year, I learned a lot and had lots of fun! I was able to meet Plexus executives, and Facebook friends that I’d made from that entire year. I didn’t know how much I’d grow to like my now great friends Donna Ball Chamberlain & Richard Chamberlain. Here I am just meeting Richard for the first time! Little did I know at that time, what fast friends I would become with him! About every night on Facebook, he posts a special word or words of the night and gives them his special thought, which always has humor or wisdom, and sometimes both! This year I will be sure to get a picture with the couple, both Donna and Richard!

man and woman standing

Richard Chamberlain & Kelly Cavanaugh, August, 2013 near Gulfport, MS

Another incredibly funny, and smart guy is Plexus’s Director of Sales and Media, James Elliott. He really impressed me with his knowledge. He also has quite a successful history in advertising. He told of watching Plexus Worldwide when it just had a “few cars in it’s parking lot” to grow into what it is now! He was on stage at the Plexus convention so I didn’t recognize him at first, but after a few jokes I recognized that wonderful sense of humor and wit! I was able to grab a picture with him before the meeting started. I quickly thanked him afterwards and told him what an effect his speech had on my journey.

woman and man plexus

Kelly Cavanaugh, Plexus Director of Sales and Media, James Elliott

James really educated the entire conference room on how X Factor will increase the absorbency of Plexus Slim by 300% more than if you weren’t taking it! It, of course, has a patented blend of Aloe, which no other multivitamin has — making Plexus a leader in the health and wellness industry! Then who else could I meet, but Mr. X Factor himself, Will Kimrey! I do believe I’ve blogged about Will before, but I’m sure I didn’t do him justice. He is a class act! Everything involving Plexus is such. Will is very cool and laid back. It’s a very nice thing to be in a successful company and be able to mingle with the executives — AND have them be COOL! Here I am with Will and one of my team members Rose Gonzales.

Plexus Ambassador Kelly Cavanaugh, WIll Kimrey and Rose Gonzales.

Plexus Ambassador #109237 Kelly Cavanaugh with Will Kimrey Co-Developer X Factor, and team member Rosemarie Gonzales at an Opportunity of a Lifetime Event in Houston Texas.

At the same event, I was able to introduce my downline Rose, to my upline Emerald Ambassador, Joy Cheramie. I thought that was such a good example of a business organization! A downline, an upline, and me, in the middle, all of us working our businesses. I don’t know where in my upline Joy is, but I was told by the company that she is in there! Your downline goes 7 levels deep. This is best for the integrity of the compensation plan. I have my upline Ambassadors like Joy help me with the products and compensation plan so I can help my team. I volunteer for all of the endless trainings that I can get ahold of, whenever I can! I love it! I love my job, and I love to help! I have a group on Facebook full of special tips for Plexus where I unload all of my training for my Ambassadors who sign up under me. If you are interested in becoming an Ambassador under me, you are making an excellent decision! I am very helpful to my team. I do this full time, all the time, much like my Emerald upline Joy Cheramie, and others that I can name (I just don’t have their pictures… yet!). Here we all are!


Kelly Cavanaugh, Emerald Ambassador Joy Cheramie, Rose Gonzales

Another thing about these Plexus events is that you get to meet people of whom you’ve only heard! I got to meet Patti Cuevas! She is so charming! Very tall and sleek! She was gracious enough to take this picture with me, and I am so thankful! I look forward to seeing her again this year.

Kelly Cavanaugh & Patti Cuevas,  August, 2013 near Gulfport, MS.

Kelly Cavanaugh & Patti Cuevas, August, 2013 near Gulfport, MS.

Speaking of people you want to meet… who wants to meet Tarl Robinson?

I showed you guys my pic of Tarl Robinson already, last August. I didn’t post this other one that I took the next (or previous) night in MS until now. I didn’t get to snap a pic when I initially met Tarl, back at the Plexus convention of 2013. I blogged about it on my other Plexus Slim blog here. Like I said, all of Plexus execs are very cool, and Tarl is no exception. You can read more about him, by clicking this link and then click his name. He’s very successful, but just like everyone involved with Plexus, we’re down to earth people just like you. That’s how I know the products, like Plexus Slim, work! Because they’ve worked for me and my friends! We are no different from you reading this. Join us!

man , woman

Tarl Robinson, Kelly Cavanaugh, August, 2013 near Gulfport, MS.

I love the people I rub shoulders with, and talk to daily! Like I’ve said before, Plexus gives you the tools to be successful, and Plexus teaches you how to be a success. They don’t leave you empty-handed. You join, grow, and become successful! A major part of that is IF, you find the right leader to join with. Here is my link if you’d like my help. Click here. :)

Kelly Cavanaugh
Ambassador, Writer, Webmaster..

P.S. I may be opening this blog up to my downline, so stay tuned in for posts from them! Also, I will reveal my Before and After of 2014 soon! I will also be posting lots of pictures of leaders and friends, from the events, as I go to them. I have opened this blog for Plexus Slim comments and questions. Please feel free to ask! I get lots of emails, but be sure to post your questions here so we can share the knowledge and experience. You guys have me learning a lot. I want to share that! Thanks! Find me here:

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Twitter: @plexuslafayette , @plexusarkansas , @plexuscali




Nov 10

Plexus Slim in Lafayette LA goes to Leader’s Retreat & Accelerator+ NEW!

Offering Plexus Slim to Lafayette, LA and the world has changed my life. I’ve lost 40 pounds using it myself, and I feel like I’m in the best health I’ve been in my adult life! My father is losing weight and off of his diabetic meds. Yes, it’s true. I didn’t believe it could happen either when I first started with Plexus Slim. If you don’t believe it, I challenge you to start drinking the Plexus Drink, and see what happens. I’ve also grown and matured. Plexus gives you the tools to be a successful person. I love my company. I couldn’t imagine working with anyone else.

Omni Hotel

View from Beach at Omni Hotel, Amelia Island.

I just recently came back from Plexus’s Leader’s Retreat in Amelia Island. It was so beautiful, inside and out. Omni Hotel is huge. It’s so easy to get lost! That is a picture of the entire hotel from the back, where the beach is located, followed by other pictures of the beach! I’d never been to a beach before. I’d never even been on a vacation before. Especially one like this! My company paid for this! All I had to do was bring my butt there! The whole time driving there, I couldn’t believe it. But I kept reminding myself, that this is my life – it’s not a dream or a scam like some people like to say. No one can take that away from me. I don’t have to ‘believe’ because it’s reality! Just look at the pictures! Back to the long drive! I arrived late so my first picture and breathtaking view was of the pool at night. I opened the door to my balcony and it was heavenly.

pool view

View from our balcony at Omni Hotel, Amelia Island.

It was a bit cool and everyone was around the pool singing! Can you believe that? How much more perfect? Singing! It was a lively night for a Thursday. There were parties and everyone was dressed up, very well. I was definitely in my element, tee hee!!


Network Marketing Pro Eric Worre about to speak.

Saturday morning was breakfast on Plexus and then a session. There were lots of Ambassadors there. I was surprised to see that. Plexus is really getting big, yet still on the ground floor – but I won’t be able to say that for so long. Plexus is the next big thing. I don’t understand what some people are waiting for. This is your chance. Plexus will take care of you. You just put in the effort that you do at your job your work now, and you will take off. If you don’t work right now, ask yourself if you have a family. If you run a family, you can manage a Plexus business. It’s the same thing, except with Plexus you have lots of help, support, leadership, tools and listen to this: TRAINING!! Here we are listening to top network marketing pro, Eric Worre, speaking for us at the Leader’s Retreat.

Then it was back to the room with the beautiful view of the two pools!


Larger Heated Pool at Omni Hotel


Smaller Heated Pool at Omni Hotel

I spent a little time on the beach and got some video and pictures.

Beach People

People having fun on Amelia Island.


Amelia Island

Later that night Plexus had another session announcing Plexus Slim Accelerator+! You can now order yours! It is just like Accelerator but better! Please write me if you would like to give an Accelerator+ review! I’ll let everyone know how my experience goes.. I plan to try it next week! You should, too. And please, order it with your Plexus Slim!!!!!!


The NEW Plexus Slim Accelerator+

Thennnnn, it was time for Plexus’s Spooktacular Costume Party! Look who I dressed up as:


Kelly Cavanaugh as Audrey Hepburn for Plexus’s Spooktacular Costume Party

I couldn’t recognize anyone in their costumes, but it was a lot of fun hanging out with other Ambassadors – it always is. Everyone is so friendly. It’s like stepping into another world. I get a kick out of the new Ambassadors first noticing this on Facebook, lol.

The night ended for me with a fireworks display by Plexus Worldwide.

Plexus sign by pool

Plexus at Omni Hotel.

It was 30 minute of beautiful fireworks by the pool.
They’d set up a red Plexus sign by the pool right under my nose.
Everyone gathered around the pool and watched the fireworks.
It was calming yet exciting. I was able to capture almost the
entire show. I uploaded the last minute of it for my Facebook business

Go there to see it!

After the fireworks, some people continued to party, but I retired to the balcony where I spent most of my stay at Omni. I had a very amazing time at the retreat. Thank you so much to each of my customers who buy Plexus Slim and to Plexus Worldwide! :)


Thanks for reading,
Kelly Cavanaugh, Gold Ambassador #109237

Oct 16

Does Plexus Fast Relief Work? Read My Plexus Fast Relief Testimonial.

Fast Relief Review

Fast Relief Capsules and Cream

Fast Relief™ Capsules and Cream

Hi! It's Charles Cavanaugh, Plexus Slim Ambassador, with a personal Plexus Fast Relief™ review. I recently joined as an Ambassador, although I was familiar with the Plexus products through my colleague Kelly Cavanaugh and her Plexus website. One product with which I recently fell in love is Fast Relief™. With my own Plexus Slim business as a Plexus Ambassador, I find I have more time to do things around the house, since I don’t have to waste time commuting.


I used to commute until I started my own business!

Recently, I thoroughly cleaned the entire house to prepare for guests during the upcoming holidays. As a result of the cleanup, my home-based business’s “base” is much nicer now. However, I’m not a robot, though I’ve been accused of being one due to my predilection for all things technical, scientific, or even remotely related to computers or robotics. How does not actually being a robot affect me? Frankly, I get aches and pains in my back, knees and other joints after dogging myself out doing housework. I’m human. So now that that’s been established and seems to remind me more and more often, I ask myself how can I relieve minor aches and pains naturally? I’m a bit leary of chemicals whose structures look like surreal line drawings of soccer balls and have names that are littered with numerals, and–most importantly–I’m just a bit put off by everyday pain relievers with big red warning panels speaking of ugly things that could happen to me by taking them, or too many of them, or taking them with other things. And don’t get me started on those big pharmaceutical companies’ commercials that advertise their products with people doing mundane activities, strangely smiling the entire time (presumably because the medication is working but we never are told this), all while a calm voice lists some–rather disturbing–side effects of the medication. So, yes, natural is my preference for medication although I am not a purist.


Along those lines, I just began taking Plexus Fast Relief™ capsules to relieve pain, along with my Plexus Slim, instead of my usual acetaminophen, or generic Tylenol, ibuprofen, etc. Fast Relief capsules contain ETArol™ (Previously Lyprinol). It is an extract of the New Zealand green lipped mussel, with potent anti-inflammatory support, pain relief and tissue regeneration. Scientific findings show that green lipped mussel is the superior source of ETArol™. I’m used to taking Tylenol; but I asked myself, is there a natural alternative to NSAIDs or other pharmaceuticals? The answer was right in my own Plexus product line that I make money distributing: Plexus Fast Relief Cream and Capsules! What a fortunate thing! But do natural alternative pain relievers work? More specifically, does Plexus Fast Relief work as well as my regular pain reliever? I’m here to report that Fast Relief works! The cream is great for rubbing into my aching lower back and knees (from all that fast mopping I was doing–what was I doing, racing someone?). The cream worked from the outside in and eased the pain in seconds. For longer-term relief from the inside out, Plexus makes capsules, which are different in nature yet work nicely with the cream if one so desires. So, how to take Fast Relief capsules? The directions recommend taking 1-3 capsules every 4-6 hours as needed for pain, and seeing as it’s not every day I clean the whole house, I took three of them. Normally I’d take three Tylenol for this type of pain–aching back and knees, but is Tylenol safe? Is Advil safe? Are NSAIDs safe? Even product packaging warns of certain dangers of these common, yet synthetic, pain relief medications.


Does Fast Relief work? Is this natural pain reliever capsule as effective as Tylenol or Advil? Based on my own personal results and from hearing others’ testimonials, I have concluded: Yes!!! Fast Relief has what it takes to deal with my everyday aches and pains for which I normally use synthetic pain relievers. The first time I used it, the pain went away in less than 30 minutes, and man did I feel good! It was made perhaps even better because I knew I had found natural pain relief with no side effects! Later, after more cleaning (I was like a madman), I took more Fast Relief and experienced pain relief the same as before. So nice to know I’m not hurting my liver or risking stomach bleeding to get this relief!

Fast Relief is all-natural, with a unique blend of ingredients. What are the ingredients in Fast Relief? Fast Relief capsules contain four natural ingredients shown to relieve pain or inflammation–anti-inflammatory ingredients. ETArol™, a patented, purified extract of the New Zealand green lipped sea mussel. ETArol™ provides anti-inflammatory support, pain relief and tissue regeneration abilities. Scientific findings show that green lipped mussel is the superior source of ETArol™. Next, Fast Relief contains Turmeric Extract, which is a strong anti-inflammatory back by centuries of use by Ayurvedic and other traditional medicine. There are whole sites devoted to its many reported benefits, but modern studies back the wisdom of the ages and agree that Turmeric Extract has anti-inflammatory properties. as well. Third, Serrapeptase, aka the “Miracle Enzyme,”  is an anti-inflammatory whose claim is supported by over a quarter century of research worldwide: pain relief without side effects. Finally, Bromelain, another enzyme, rounds out the mix and stands out because it has substantial anti-inflammatory and anti-pain properties for protection of the entire body. Is it recommended to use Fast Relief cream with the capsules? Yes, because Fast Relief capsules give comprehensive “inside-outside” synergistic relief with the FAST RELIEF cream. In general, Plexus Fast Relief soothes and protects swollen joints, tissues and cells, promoting proper inflammatory mechanisms, all without side effects of synthetic pain relief drugs. Fast Relief™ is one of Plexus Worldwide's products for purposes such as breast health, healthy weight loss, & pain relief.

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